Moonchip Ad Code in Article

Moonchip Ad Code in Article is a plugin that allows you to place ad code anywhere in your Joomla! articles, there are 6 ad code slots for you to use, for example simply enter your ad code into an empty slot 1 in the plugin backend and then in one of your Joomla! articles type in the tag {adcode1} and the ad will appear, to use the other ad code slots use tags {adcode2} - {adcode6} in the articles of your site.

Plugin back end options

To start simply install the plugin and then make sure its enabled.

The plugin must be enabled for it to work when you type in the tags {adcode1} {adcode2} etc into your articles.

Plugin back end options

In the plugin back end choose a slot where you want to place your ad code, there are 6 slots in total.

The ad code label is for backend reference only and won't show in the front end, the ad code box is where you paste your ad code.

Adding Ad Code to an Article

Ad code in article

In the Joomla! backend article editor simply type in the tag {adcode1} anywhere in the article you want an ad to appear, you may also use the formatting options in the article editor such as aligning the ad to the left or right, you may also use formatting options in the ad code itself in the plugin backend.

You may use any ad code you want from any ad provider and any banner size including responsive ad code.

Please make sure you use the relevant tag for the back end ad code slot you are using, for example: use tag {adcode1} in your article for ad slot 1 and {adcode2} {adcode3} {adcode4} {adcode5} {adcode6} for the others.

Ad in article

When you visit the front end of your site an ad should appear in the article I have used a responsive ad as an example.

Please check out the responsive ad below

Using article editor aligment options

In the article editor you can use the alignment options to align the ads too, simply align the ad code tag in the article editor and it will align the ad in the front end of the site.



Future-proof your articles

Ad code

The great thing about the plugin as it provides one source for your ad code, so if you end up creating 1000's of articles and your ad provider changes or updates their ad code you simply go into the plugin backend and paste in the new ad code and it will update the code across 1000's of articles instantly! it's also great for if you change ad provider or for experimenting with different ads as you only need to change your code in one place.

Browser/Joomla Compatibility

Moonchip Ad Code in Article Release 1.0.0

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