Moonchip Cookie Bar

Moonchip Cookie Bar is a plugin that allows you to place a cookie notification at the top of your website for users to simply dismiss, it is very light weight with only 2.7KB loaded, non intrusive and is also fully customizable.

Backend Options

Cookie bar backend options

The back end options for the cookie bar are really simple, most of the options are for the customization(color) of the bar.


Example customization

Using the custom options you can easily set up a bar that matches your Joomla! site.

Light weight & non intrusive

The cookie bar only loads 2.7kb meaning it wont slow down your page load. It also sits at the top of the template so your users can scroll your content without the bar stuck at the top of the browser window.

Force show

Force show allows you to force the cookie bar to show no matter if its been dismissed, this allows you to edit the bar. Remember and turn this off when you have finished as your users will be force shown the bar too.

Browser/Joomla CompatibilityMoonchip Cookie Bar 1.0.4

Only $35.00 USD (includes 12 months updates and support)

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Please return to this page for a download link after payment, payments are made to Monka.

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