Moonchip Skype Call Button in Article

Skype in article is a plugin that allows you put a Skype button anywhere in your Joomla! articles to allow users to call or chat to you via Skype.

Skype back end options

After installation there are very few options in the back-end, simply enter your Skype name and enable the plugin and choose the options you need..

The call function allows you to make calls via skype and the chat function lets you use skype type chat service, you can also choose to use both.

Adding Skype to an Article

Joomla article back end

Skype in an article

To add the Skype button to an article simply go into the back-end of your article and type in {jnskypebutton} anywhere in the article, save it when you visit the article on the front end of your site the button should appear.

You may type in {jnskypebutton} anywhere you want, I.e you might want to put it near a presales section or where a user might be needing help.

skype pop up

Once a user clicks on your Skype button a one time pop up box will appear giving them the option to either download Skype or use the Skype they already have to chat with you.

Browser/Joomla Compatibility

Moonchip Skype Call Button in Article 1.0.2

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